About This Website (& Me!)

By way of a quick overview, I am an aeronautical engineer by qualification but worked for several years as a real world plot-finder during which time I accumulated a wealth of firsthand expertise on the subject. I have made this expertise available in a concise form on the home page of this website, where you can also download all the information in the form of a free eBook (which you can then print off at your leisure, if required).

Plot Buying Guide's Cover

I also wrote an illustrated and highly detailed eBook on the subject of plot-finding, available for Amazon Kindle (and possibly soon to be made available in paper as well as other eBook formats). It's called, somewhat imaginatively, How to Find and Buy Your Dream Plot in 2018 and can be bought for a piddling, ridiculously, almost offensively, low price of £4.99 from Amazon UK.

Find out more about it on its dedicated feature page.

Cover Image of Amazon Kindle Book

This website, therefore, is effectively my author platform, designed to promote my Kindle book for those who either (a) are serious about treating the plot-finding process in a forensically detailed way or (b) those who like the free materials on this website so much that they wish to tangibly thank me and thereby restore my faith in humanity.